More than just organizing: what Calm Order can do for you


Organizing is much more than organizing clothes or items in your home – it’s about bringing calm and order to a space and making it last. Organization is a process that should begin as early as possible. In order to make the most impact, and ensure it lasts, organization should be put in place at the very start – not just when there is a problem.

At Calm Order, our professional organizers work with clients, designers and builders to create the best possible solutions in existing homes, new homes or renovated homes. With organizers involved from the start, you can tackle your organization problems before they even begin. Proper storage solutions and practical layouts can make all the difference in an organized space. By having an organizer’s input during your build or renovation, you can make sure every consideration is made for your new or existing home. Organizers are just as important as the designers, builders and contractors.

Don’t wait until designs are finished or the building and renovations have started. Calm Order can help determine cabinet and shelving depths, the quality of storage units, and how they can be used to make sure your items are organized, and more importantly, stay organized. Organization is much more than just a one-time project. It is a process that starts at the root of your home. How your home is set-up is the key to your success at maintaining an organized home. Our organizer will work with you and everyone involved on your home project to make sure organization is implemented in every area – from your master bedroom closet, to your kitchen and entertainment centre.  

While many people focus on the style of their home, they shouldn’t give up its functionality. Organizers can ensure your home is a happy balance of both by working alongside designers and contractors throughout the entire process. It is important to have organizers consulting on your home project from the beginning, because they can see beyond the surface of your home, and determine what will keep you, your family, and your life in order.  

Organization can fit seamlessly into the bones of your home, so each space is functional and practical. Your home is a storage space, an entertaining space, a cooking space, an eating space, a sleeping space, and so much more. By making organization a priority, you and your family can use every space in your home without worrying about clutter or losing and forgetting items. It has the power to impact how you and/or your family for the rest of the time you live in that home. If something doesn’t work from the start, it is much harder to make impactful changes.

At Calm Order, our professional organizers can do more than just organize a room in your home. They can make sure that organization is implemented into your home before it becomes a problem. When you are looking to move, renovate or build a new home, consult with Calm Order for the best possible storage and organization solutions.