Downsizing your home

Tips to get you started

List items you love and can't live without

Figuring out what you love and can't live without is key to a happy transition, Avoiding the pitfalls of "I should have not given that away".

Start Early - Plan Ahead

Take time each day to tackle a space, A closet, a drawer a shelf. One space at a time gets you closer to your goal.

Paper takes forever so be prepared to sit in front of the TV with shredder, recycle and trash bin. One box at a time you will get there!

Compare your Space

Get a feel for the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimensions in your present home. Figure out what will actually fit in your new space.

Edit and start in areas with low sentimental value

Pick easy areas to start. Towels, sheets, kitchen, all areas that would have less sentimental value is where to begin, Don't start with your favorite collection or you will be delayed and stuck in the memories and thoughts.


Set up your staging area. Label bins To Keep, To sell, charity and Trash. Use clear and black garbage bags to help you identify what is trash versus what is recycle and donate.  Keep it simple.

There are some great free space planning apps out there if you dont know how to draw. Plan out placement and size of your larger furniture pieces first, followed but smaller items that can be moved and shuffled around the space to create the best look and feel.

Draw floor plans for your furniture

Deciding what to throw out, donate and recycle can be a challenge. Here is a great list of things not to throw out when donwsizing and de-cluttering.

Things you don't throw out when you're downsizing