Attachments - what are they, and how can you let them go?


Many people have items that we have inherited from family members or collected from personal experiences. Whether they are old books, souvenirs from past vacations, or antique furniture, these items can take up a significant amount of space in a home. Why are they still around? Most of these items are unnecessary, but people find themselves unable to part with them.  

These items can be classified into two categories: keep sakes and familiar objects. Sentimental keep sakes are items that have memories associated with them. For example, it may be a special tea cup that you remember your grandmother drinking out of when you went to visit her as a child. That item has a sentimental memory attached to it.

However, if the item has no memory but was touched or owned by someone, it is not a sentimental attachment. For example, if your grandmother had another tea cup that she always kept tucked in a cabinet, you do not have a sentimental attachment to it because you have no memories of it. There is a familiar relationship there, but no attachment.

In order to eliminate these items, people must determine if they are keepsakes or if they are just being held onto. If you have items that are just familiar, but have no real meaning attached to them, then there is no reason why you should keep them.

Keep sakes are difficult to deal with, because you must be willing to disassociate your memories with the items. It is important to not assign memories to one single object. These items are temporary and should not have the responsibility of holding a lifetime of memories. The experiences you remember and treasure from the past and present are your own, and you do not need to hold onto an object in order to honour and remember them.

If one of your objects were to break, you risk losing the connection you had with your memories, and as a result, risk losing the memories all together. It is better to hold onto these memories on your own, so you can ensure they will be with you always.

Summer road-trip essentials


A summer vacation requires a lot of organizing – but the road-trip to get to your vacation destination needs just as much planning!

If you are driving by car over a long distance this summer, don’t expect to be able to get into your car and drive away. Make sure that you know the route you are taking (and some potential back-ups) in case of inclement weather, traffic problems, or construction. It’s a good idea to preview the whole route to also map out different rest areas, especially for overly-long drives. Take note of any towns you are passing through, and possible places to stop for gas, a bite to eat, or a place to stretch your legs.

For trips that require multiple days, ensure that you allow for plenty of time to get to your destination. Leave some extra time just in case you run into complications along the way, and don’t push yourself to drive more hours than is safe. If you’re staying with family or friends, make sure they have an estimated time arrival for you ahead of time, and keep them updated by contacting them during one of your rest stops once you get closer. It’s a good idea to make sure they know your travel plans and the route you are taking.

It’s also important to make sure that your car is organized and packed with all of the essentials:


Whether you’re planning a quick day trip or multiple days on the road, you can never have too many snacks. Look for items that are least likely to make a mess and easy to eat on the go – fresh vegetables and fruit can be cut and packed into individual portions for easy access and eating. Granola bars or bites, beef jerky, and fruit gummies are good non-perishable treats that can be kept in a car over the summer as an emergency stash.  


Always make sure you have plenty of water and other beverages to help you and your family stay hydrated during the trip. While drinking water is important, consider bringing a few other beverage options to switch it up, especially if you are driving for long periods. Flavoured sparkling water is still healthy, but the different flavour and carbonation can be a nice change and energy booster. For kids, juice boxes are easy to pack and store and are healthier than pop. You can also consider using reusable water bottles and bringing larger bottles of water and refilling them. Don’t forget to bring travel mugs for coffee and tea refills during morning drives!


Even with the right snacks and beverages, messy hands and faces can still happen. Throw a couple of packs of wipes or clothes into one of the seat pockets so are prepared to clean up any potential messes. It’s also a good idea to make sure one bag is designated as a garbage bag, so you have a place to dispose or store any dirty cloths while you’re on the road.

Headphones and chargers

Batteries don’t last forever, so make sure that you have all the chargers you need for all of your electronic devices. Consider purchasing an extra charger and keeping it permanently in your car so you always have access to it when you need it most. Not everyone can agree on what to listen to, so make sure headphones are available for anyone who might want to listen or watch something else on their personal devices.


From the driver to the passengers, everyone can get bored on road-trips. Make sure everyone is prepared by bringing along a variety of activities or entertainment options. Don’t just create a playlist – download a few podcasts or audio books to listen to as well. Change is good and helps break up long travel distances. For passengers, books, movies and small games are also great entertainment options. If you still find yourself with nothing to do, consider playing one of these classic road trip games with the other passengers.

Your summer adventure awaits, but make sure your vehicle is road-trip ready before you hit the open road!

Spring is here - get outside and enjoy it!


After a long and (very) cold winter, it looks like spring is finally upon us! The days are longer, and the weather is a lot warmer – so why not take advantage and spend more time outdoors with your family! There are many free activities you can organize that everyone in your family can participate in. From exploring Calgary’s parks to having fun in your own backyard, you and your family don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the season.

Decide on an activity

It isn’t easy trying to decide what activity to do, especially if multiple people are involved. Why not start by getting together with your family and allowing everyone to share what activities they would like to do throughout the spring and summer. Everyone can be tasked with coming up with one or two ideas, which can be recorded on a board or sheet of paper. Once a few options have been decided, you can start putting them in to action. It is a good idea to go through all of the activities and make sure they are possible to accomplish. Are there any age limitations? Is distance or cost an issue? Do they require equipment you don’t have? Depending on what activities have been chosen, you can either decide to randomly draw an activity each weekend or every couple of weeks, or you can plan out activities for the next couple of months (especially if they are time sensitive or require special planning).

Plan your experience

For free activities like visiting city parks or natural areas, the only factor that might prevent you from visiting is the weather or renovations. Check the weather a couple of days before to get a more accurate idea of what the conditions might be and plan accordingly. Some events might take place at certain times throughout the summer and can only be experienced on certain days. If you need to book time off work, make sure that you are able to take that time, and make any other arrangements, like transportation, as soon as possible.

There are many activities that you can even plan in the comfort of your own backyard, like sports, scavenger hunts, tag, and campfires. These activities may require a visit to a local grocery or recreation store, but there are not many other tasks that need to be completed ahead of time. During periods where they weather is more unpredictable, activities like this are more ideal because they can easily be scratched or changed as needed.

Pack a bag (and bring some snacks!)

Before you head out, put together a day bag with plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, and water. Don’t forget to bring hats and sunglasses on particularly sunny days. For parents with younger children, a few snacks should also be packed for full-day activities. Snacks do not have to be anything extravagant, just enough to satisfy any hunger cravings, and prevent you from having to spend money on pricier items at stores or restaurants. Multiple snacks can even be combined in one bag to make a fun-looking treat!

  • Fruits and vegetables

Not only is this snack easy to put together, it’s healthy and easy to carry around as well. Cut up carrots, slice an apple, or wash a handful of grapes and store in a plastic container or recyclable plastic bag. When you’re choosing fruits and vegetables, choose ones that don’t have extra peels, stems or pits, and pre-cut anything that can’t easily be eaten on the go.

  • Cheese and crackers

This is another simple snack for shorter excursions, as the cheese should not sit out for a full day, especially if you don’t have a cooler or cold place to store your bag. Consider placing the cheese slices on the crackers before placing them in a container or plastic bag for each child for a more efficient snack break.

  • Energy balls

With so many different variations, energy balls are also a delicious and easy snack that can be made up ahead of time. They can be sweet or savory, and you can bring a couple of different kinds to a weekend activity, so your family can pick and choose which ones to have. Putting the energy balls together can be a fun activity on its own, as everyone in the family can help roll them out.

Have fun!

Sometimes, even the best plans can fail, so always be prepared for weather, injuries or other obstacles that may impact your spring activity plans. Whatever happens, make sure that you make the most of the warmer season enjoy the warm weather with your family!