Downsizing | Merging Homes

Our team of professional organizers provide you with support and assistance through the decision making process to help you make realistic wise choices and decisions.

A good place to start is to ask yourself why you're keeping something? Is it an obligation because a friend or aunt or mom gave it to you? Do I absolutely love it or is it something I can live with out.  Figure out what you love and value. 

What are your must keeps and what are your negotiable items? The thought of sorting through years of accumulated belongings in the process of downsizing and getting organized can be overwhelming to many people. You're not alone and we can help.

Aging Parents And Special Treasures

Where I never want to be...

As our parents age the reality sets in that they will not be around forever. This becomes clearer and clearer as the days go by. Think of purging and organizing as a thing to be done before you lose a loved one. Take time to listen to the stories about the special treasures and why they have kept these "treasures" all these years.

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