Home Organizing



Redesigning is the process of planning artistically or skilfully for a defined purpose. Organizing and planning the structure of fashion and form. We redesign to change the way something looks or functions through the use of organization.  We bring back the calm and order through the use of purposeful space planning, functional solutions and creative design.

Our Organizational design specialists will help you;

  • Define zones and activities for your space.

  • Set up storage strategies to maximize your current space and storage.

  • Source furniture and storage pieces to meet your need of combining design and function.

  • Redesign your room or entire home to create better flow and function.

  • We consider the inside functionality of the drawers cabinets, closets and shelving to help ensure the designs meet your storage requirements.

  • Rearrage your furniture to find the best space plan for function and flow

  • Shop your home for the best decor items to enhance your space to create beauty, function and flow

  • Find organizing solutions for one space, one room or your entire home..

Initial Assessment

We offer you a complimentary 30/40 minute initial assessment.  This gives us a great opportunity to meet and allows us see your space. We'll ask the right questions to help us understand your concerns and your goals in order to create systems and solutions specifically to fit you, your needs and your budget. Be prepared to be inspired, wowed and energized and ready to start your project.

Home Organizing Sessions - Hands on

You Have choices!  We can work along side you, one on one,  a team environment, or own our own, Calm Order will help create a beautifully appointed and efficient functioning organized home.  We arrive prepared and motivated for each organizing session with a plan in mind. We discuss supplies needed, concepts and strategies to meet your needs to create an organizing systems customized just for you.

One of our goals is to help keep you motivated while using proven organizing skills and techniques, to assist you in achieveing long term sustainable measurable results.

The Environment

We assist you with the facilitation of the removal of the trash, recycling, consignment and donation items. We work closely with other organizations to either sell/donate or repurpose your unwanted items.

Self Starter? We offer ideas only sessions too!

This is a cost effective plan for the self-starter. We start with a 2-hour walk though of the entire house, providing you with organizing strategies, tips and techniques for you to self-implement.  Be prepared increase your productivity and learn allot about organizing techniques, tips and ticks that you can self-implement throughout your entire home.

Consulting- Virtual Organizing

Getting you on track with Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing is a method where we connect over Facetime, Skype, email or telephone and create an action plan and a system that you can implement yourself. 

  • Learn helpful organizing skills

  • Identify and eliminate causes of clutter

  • Save money with a do-it-yourself mindset

  • Little Interruption to your work day

  • Develop skills that can last

  • Encouragement when you're just feeling overwhelmed and unable to get organized.

We discuss your needs, what is working for you and what is not. We collectively come up with solutions, ideas and projects where you are in charge.  Organizing does not have to be stressful. We are here to help and support you along the way.

It is important to realize that getting and staying organized takes time. There is no instant overnight fix. It is more about values, beliefs and changing behaviors that can ultimately change and improve your life.


...... Being able to find what your looking for when you need it, living and working in a space you love, and the ability to get things done that you need and want to do! What would it look like to you if you had time to relax, enjoy a little more life? Life is all about choice. Now is a great time to choose to begin creating the life you want to live.

Small Space Organizing - yachts & recreational vehicles

Small spaces can produce it's own organizing challenges. We can be hands on or provide you with organizing ideas for your space. More on small space organizing here!

Space Planning - Optimizing space

We create spaces that combine beauty and function. 

Working with you and your designer or builder to ensure you have the right storage for your needs. Calm Order will define zones and activities for that space and we will maximize your current space and storage. 

We look at your designs with an eye of meeting design and function. Considering design, depths, versatility and functionality to create the best personalized storage to meet your individual needs.

Designers look on the outside of the interior design of your home, Organizers look at the inside functionality of the drawers cabinets, closets and shelving to help ensure the designs meet your personal storage needs.

corporate Organizing

Small and Corporate Business Organization

Corporate clients seek Calm Order to bring organization solutions that improve workplace efficiency, from stock, inventory and supply rooms to individual desks and offices.

Karen has worked in corporate organizing environments such as Makami Colledge, Rexall Pharmacies, NorthStar Feet to name a few. Projects varied from entire warehouses of inventory, supply rooms to desk, front office and work station areas.

The focus has been on productivity, organization and work flow in in a processes orientated environment keeping in with alignment the principles of 5S Standards often used and seen in manufacturing environments.

Sustainable Solutions

Many factors create paper disorganization. Contributors to office disarray can result from lack of a filing system, too busy to process your paper, or simply put a non functioning system that desperately requires organization. Organization comes with well thought out use of process, filing systems and useful naming conventions. We set up and teach you transferable skills for lasting success.

If you feel like you tidy up and tend not to keep it that way, there is often a reason.  You become frustrated and too busy taking care of others (family, friends, clients) with little time to take care of yourself. Professional organizing can help you improve your living and working space.

Never underestimate the power of one action - Clearing out one area can often lead to a ripple effect of organization. [tweet that]