Home Staging and Refresh

Make the best first impressions

Maximize your selling price,  Minimize selling time

Modern interior.

Organize, style and Prepare

Our organizational design specialist will help you organize, style and prepare your home for sale. Calm Order will help make instant notable changes in each space that will make your home ready for an open house, a special occasion, or just every day organized living. 

  • We design or redesign to change the way something looks or functions through the use of organization.

  • We assist with de-cluttering, downsizing, packing, organizing and furniture placement to enhance your home’s best features.

  • Using what you already own, we provide you with refreshed rooms that truly feels calmer, more organized and clutter free.

  • Pack up the excess as we organize and stage using organizational design techniques and strategies

Buyers will be able to imagine the potential for your home, without being overwhelmed by your stuff and things.

The result? Refreshed rooms that truly feel calmer, more organized, and clutter free. Lets get ready make the best first impressions now by staging and organizing your home!

De-cluttering, organizing and optimizing the flow of home to Maximize the value of your property to achieve a faster sale

We will take care of the clutter problem with practical ideas to refresh your stale living room or boost your curb appeal.

Instant noticeable changes

  • Too much furniture? -Take some pieces out or move them around so that the space looks big and not cluttered

  • Too many accessories? – We help you start putting some of your most worldly possessions away and keep only great staging objects out on display -less is better

  • Bookcases a mess? Messy bookcases can make a room look unorganized and overcrowded. Arrange books by color and size. Remove unwanted clutter and trinkets.

  • Disorganized Closets/ cabinets / cupboards? – Organize and clear them out of non-seasonal goods, rearrange existing items by color, function or style.

  • Ergonomics- Making sense. We are concerned with the understanding of interactions among people and other elements of a system, applying principles and methods in order to optimize human well-being and overall improved performance

What is the difference in what we do versus a home stager or designer?

  • We offer you affordability.

  • Home stagers often have inventory of loaner pieces of art and furniture. - We use your items and transform your space by re purposing them, often finding new homes or new purposes in your house.

  • Home stagers advise you to put away your clutter, which does not solve the problem. We take action to take care of the problem by organizing, packing, and staging items to uplift your home.

  • Most people have a few great pieces. They need fresh eyes to help you place, position and style what you already own.

  • We create functional efficiency and safe space.

  • Putting back calm and order into your living environment using your own items in the home.