A Must Read Feel Good Life Strategy

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It’s not just about getting organized its about changing your life! If you’re living in a cluttered disorganized space. It is Hard!  If you’re unhappy, it can be even harder! It can be hard to move around, hard to get things together and really hard to feel good about your home, your space and more importantly yourself!

It really is about changing your lifestyle. How do we do that we often ask? Change can be so hard and generally speaking people hate change.  How do we transform this space, our lifestyle and our relationships for the better?

Those very questions are the questions we ask ourselves everyday when we are not happy or unsatisfied with something in our life. That is when it hits us square in the face!

Lets explore some ways we can change and make positive everlasting change. It is going to be some work but it will be worth every single ounce of energy we put into it.

The first step is to acknowledge the problem. We need to start paying attention to what is creating the problem. Sometimes it is because we work a job that drains us, or we are in a relationship that is conflict ridden. Whatever the “reason” we need to get to the root of the issue and change it.

Easier said than done right! Absolutely! It takes courage, determination and a willingness to make those changes.  Taking time to be still with you is the second part of figuring it all out. This is probably the hardest of all things to manage. With all the demands of life, work, family, friends and commitments we often find very little time for ourselves.

It is really important to find this time. We really need to MAKE this time. We may need to schedule it in our calendars like an appointment. We may be able to take some holiday time or sick time to regroup if things are at a point that it is affecting your health. The worst part is sometimes it is affecting our health and we don’t recognize it.

The key is taking time, being still. Now exactly what does that mean? It really means, no television, no computers, smart phones, and no technology. It means a long hot bath, maybe some yoga, just sitting and thinking with no distractions. It means a good book, painting, creating doing something that brings out another side of you, the side that has been buried in busy.

Trust that once you honor this other side of yourself, you will begin to see ways to make the change. Ways to see the possibilities. The plan will then begin to form. Write it down, brainstorm about it, put energy into it. This getaway plan will begin to manifest in ways you never dreamed possible.

So you have a plan and nothing has changed your saying. Well it isn’t going to change unless action is taken. You need to follow it through and take the steps to see the change. It can be the small steps that lead to the biggest change.

Just remember you must take action to create change!