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If you crave order and can’t seem to create it in your home, a professional organizer can help you achieve and maintain that order and the peace of mind that comes with it. 

We will use this space for occasional virtual meet-n-greet sessions with Calm Order's Founder, Karen. Questions and answers will be posted so here's your chance to get more information on what a Professional Organizer can do for you. 

Check back often for new posts and answers to your organizing questions.

Probably the most common reason people keep things they’re not using is because they “have value”— meaning they once cost money. But the real value in things is the experience they create for us.


Maria Writes: How to I organize kids clothing in drawers So where I can see them. Both of my kids clothing is super packed to the brim in there dressers that it’s hard to find any outfit for the day or even hard to open or close it.
— Maria

HI Maria, thanks for writing in. There are two components to the question that may help solve your problem. First of all look at what is in the drawers- can some of it be purged? Or can some be hung up?I like to use a vertical fold in drawers. It uses the height of the drawer and everything is easier to see.
A vertical fold was made popular by a Japanese organizer named Marie kondo. If you google Marie Kondo folding or Kon Mari folds there are a multitude of videos on u tube that can illustrate it for you.

I hope this helps.

Jennifer writes: I’m moving soon and is there any advice you can provide to help me have an orderly unpacking process?
— Jen

Hi Jennifer, yes of course. When you are unpacking think of your space as prime real-estate versus storage spaces. Placing things you use often in main key areas of the home with easy access. For example, you may have a large turkey roaster that you place in your kitchen cabinet, taking up a huge amount of real- estate. Look at alternate solutions for things like this such as shelving in a storage room.

Thanks for your unpacking question!   Karen

Katie writes: I am overwhelmed and don’t know how or where to start unpacking. Can give me some advice on best places to start.
— Katie, Calgary

Moving can be a real challenge and a very stressful time. We suggest focusing on the bedrooms, and kitchen to get yourself up and running to some normalcy as quick as possible. When we do an unpack to Organized service we can have you set up in a day. One of the biggest things is to create zones. Know where you want things to go so as you unpack and the items make it to the new home and the new zone. "Don't try to organize everything at once, moving is allot of work and it can be overwhelming trying to find new and different storage spaces and solutions for your belongings. On the pre move end, try and pack or have your movers pack and label to the "new" home  location where your belongings will end up. Label clearly, it will help you to identify those key boxes you will need right away.  Good luck! We are cheering you on!