Make time for the people you love


Life is always busy, but when long weekends come around, the last thing families want to be doing is catching up on all the smaller tasks and projects that have been neglected. Organization is a key strategy that can help make sure you and your family stay on track, and have time to spend with each other on weekends and holidays. Below, we’ve outlined a few ideas you can use to make time for your family and friends:


Have family meetings

Set a time and day once a week for your family to discuss what events are happening in the coming week, what projects need to get done, and what tasks need to be accomplished around the house. This is a great opportunity to get a complete picture of what is going on with every member of your family, so you can properly plan your week ahead. This could include coordinating rides, planning meals and shopping trips, or scheduling when to pay bills. Make sure someone in your family takes note of everything that is going on, so nothing gets forgotten. This meeting is also a great time for everyone to take a break from school or work to be with each other.


Use a calendar

Family calendars are a great way to keep track of tasks, events, and due dates that come up during your family meeting. This way, there is one central area where everyone can view what is coming up in the week ahead. The calendar can come in many forms. Depending on your family and routine, one calendar set up in a central area of your home may work best, or you could synchronize online calendars with each family member. This way, every individual will be able to integrate their personal tasks and events with family ones.

The family calendar only works if every member can have easy access to it, and regularly updates it if new events or tasks come up. Make the calendar a part of your family routine, and consider updating it or revisiting it at your weekly family meetings.


Delegate tasks

Make sure each member of your family is contributing to household tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, yard work and cleaning. No one person should be solely responsible for everything, so at family meetings make sure each family member is assigned a list of tasks to complete that week. In order to make this work, assign task that match up with each person’s interests, schedules and abilities. For example, if you have young children, they might not be able to help with supper, they can set the dinner table when they get home from school. If you or your partner have late meetings, whoever is free should be scheduled to give rides to sports or music lessons, or alternate arrangements should be made ahead of time.

Tasks can also be delegated to people outside your family as well. Carpooling can be set up with your children’s friends so you and your partner don’t have to drive as often, or extended family can step in to help with other tasks to free up your time for driving. Alternatively, you can hire out tasks like shoveling, mowing or pet walking to local neighbours or businesses.


Keep your home organized

Having an organized home makes for an organized life. Eliminating your clutter, sorting through your belongings, and arranging items to suit your family’s lifestyle can have a major impact on how organized the rest of your life is. Consider making home organization a part of the smaller tasks that each member of the family needs to accomplish each week. Organization should become a part of your family’s regular routine. For example, toys should be put away once children are finished playing with them, and mail should be opened and dealt with each day instead of letting it pile up all week. By accomplishing these tasks on a regular basis, you and your family will have less to do around your home each week, leaving more time for you to relax on the evenings and weekends.


Simple changes to your family routine, like setting up weekly meetings and following a family calendar can help make sure everyone stays on track of household tasks and events. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get the whole family involved in household tasks, and don’t underestimate the importance of having an organized home. Don’t let another long weekend like this one pass you by, and take the necessary steps to get your family organized!