Top 10 tips for Staging a Home

Modern interior.

1.     A fresh coat of paint goes a long way: Revitalize bathrooms and kitchens by adding a fresh coat of paint. Have an outdated and overbearing fireplace? Don’t worry about tearing it down – just paint over the bricks to create a more modern and stylish look. The same goes faded or old cabinets, shelving, doors, or decks.

2.     Make bedrooms gender neutral: Keep colour palettes neutral looking to appeal to male or female clients. It’s hard for a man to envision himself moving into a room with pink floral wallpaper.

3.     Stage rooms with a purpose: It can be confusing for viewers if they can’t tell what a room’s purpose is supposed to be, which makes it hard for them to envision using the space. Clearly show what the room should be used for with proper furnishings and decorations.

4.     Clear out the clutter: Be sure to clear out all personal items or unnecessary objects. It makes the rooms looked cluttered and cramped, so the potential buyers will have a harder time imagining how their belongings will fit into the space.

5.     Let there be light: Instead of changing out windows, just remove or replace the curtains and blinds (they don’t have to be very expensive ones) to allow for maximum light to be let into the home. Your house will look more inviting and clean if there is plenty of natural light, which creates an airy and spacious feeling.

6.     Mind the smell: Unwanted odors can ruin a home for buyers. Replace carpets and rugs or invest in a competent air refresher to get rid of pet or other unpleasant smells that could detract from the other features of the house.

7.     Make it spotless: Make sure to do a good clean on the entire house. Sometimes a good clean on an old glass shower door or a window can make a huge difference on how the bathroom or kitchen looks, so you don’t have to go to the time and money to replace old fixtures.

8.     Even small details matter: Check for burnt out lightbulbs, scratched or banged up walls, and add new towels or linens, fresh flowers, or other small touches that will make your home look like it can be lived in.

9.     Space is everything: If you have large furniture items in a smaller room, try moving them to another part of the house or taking them out when staging. The larger items could make the overall space seem even smaller, which isn’t a good selling feature for many potential buyers.

10.  Make the outside look as good as the inside: The outside is the first impression potential buyers will have of the house, so make sure the yard is tidy, the grass is cut, and the front porch and sidewalk are swept off. Don’t focus all of your energy on revamping the inside of your home.