10 Steps to De-clutter Your Home

It’s time to say goodbye to the piles of paper, toys, and other household items that have been ignored for the past year. Start of the new year with a clean slate, and try some of these suggestions below to reach your organizing goals!

1.     Commit a few minutes each day to organizing or cleaning one room or area of the home.

2.     Paper is a common source of clutter, especially in offices. Set up a tray (or multiple trays and label them) Designate one as the inbox, one to file one action required. Whenever something comes in, put it in the inbox and deal with it regularly.

3.     Go through a closet, drawer, or other storage place and sort out what you really need/actually use, what doesn’t belong there, and what hasn’t been used in awhile or needs to be donated/trashed.

4.     Maximize storage space and de-clutter a drawer or cabinet by rearranging the contents so they fit better. For example, place backpacks and bags on their side in a drawer or cabinet instead of laying them flat. It will allow for more space and make them more easily accessible.

5.     For magazines, only keep the latest two issues. If something really interests you, cut out the individual article and save it in a binder for later. Better yet, scan it. Eliminate your paper clutter.

6.     Use ottomans with storage capabilities or coffee tables with shelving underneath to help keep the surface clear.

7.     In bathrooms, utilize the space underneath the sink and place baskets to store towels and washcloths and supplies. Keep a small basket of cleaners under your sink for daily wipe downs. It will make deep cleaning days a breeze.

8.     For purchases, whether food or personal hygiene, make sure older purchases are up front and new in the back so when you go to use them nothing is expired.

9. Take 10 minutes at the end of everyday to tidy up, put away and stay on top of things. It will truly make a difference if you put away items to their home at the end of each day.

10.  For everything new you introduce to your closet, go through your older clothes and accessories and see if there is anything you haven’t worn in awhile that can be donated sold or given away.