Unsure about how to get organized? Get advice directly from an organizer!


Organizing is no easy task. Many people struggle to achieve the calm and orderly environment they dream of all on their own. With the help of a professional organizer, dreams can become a reality! However, there are some organization projects that are small, or unique to the items/rooms that a person may have. Even after an organizer comes in, there could be problems that come up in the future when people are trying to maintain the organized environment they have established. Fortunately, Calm Order can now help with the important questions you may have about getting organized!

Calm Order is proud to introduce Ask the Organizer, a virtual space where questions about anything to do with organizing, from recommended methods, to products, to moving suggestions can all be answered. Simply follow this link, submit your question, and check back to see the answer from Calm Order’s Founder, Karen. Even if you don’t have a question, be sure to visit the page to see what questions and answers have been submitted by others.

While the internet can provide a lot of different suggestions and advice for how to get organized, consulting with a professional organizer directly provides benefits that you can’t find when you’re searching on your own. By submitting your own question, you can get advice that is unique to your organizing problem.

Professional organizers have the skills and training to help you tackle any organizing problem, and by getting answers from them directly, you can learn about different methods or products that you may have never considered before. This direct contact also allows you to follow up or ask multiple questions, even after your initial organizing project is completed. Sometimes, smaller issues or questions will come up as you continue to maintain the organized space you have created.

Organizing can also be a stressful and emotional task, and it helps to be able to talk to someone who is experienced and knows exactly what you are going through. For people with more complex organizing projects, an initial question or inquiry through Ask the Organizer can set you on the right track by coordinating professional support, or referring you to other helpful resources. Whatever your question or problem may be, it pays off to ask the organizer directly!