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If you crave order and can’t seem to create it in your home, a professional organizer can help you achieve and maintain that order and the peace of mind that comes with it. 

We will use this space for occasional virtual meet-n-greet sessions with Calm Order's Founder, Karen. Questions and answers will be posted so here's your chance to get more information on what a Professional Organizer can do for you. 

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Probably the most common reason people keep things they’re not using is because they “have value”— meaning they once cost money. But the real value in things is the experience they create for us.


Jennifer writes: I’m moving soon and is there any advice you can provide to help me have an orderly unpacking process?

HI Jennifer, yes of course. When you are unpacking think of your space as prime real-estate versus storage spaces. Placing things you use often in main key areas of the home with easy access. For example, you may have a large turkey roaster that you place in your kitchen cabinet, taking up a huge amount of real- estate. Look at alternate solutions for things like this such as shelving in a storage room.

Thanks for your unpacking question! Karen