Pack for Organization - Moving in after marriage!

Once you've actually packed, another large task begins: unpacking them into your new home.  This is made easier when you organize your belongings before you pack them, but it is still a complex task for you and your new partner to undertake! Below, we’ve got some tips to help make the process smoother:

-       Coordinate schedules

If you’re moving in together, it stands to reason you should unpack your new home together. Getting married, unpacking your belongings, and moving them can take up a lot of time, but make sure you have enough time set aside to dedicate yourselves to the task of unpacking. Typically, at least one or two days are needed to set up the main items in your most used living spaces, like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. However, it is common to take up to a week or more depending on how many items you have, how long it takes to move them to your new home, and how much free time you have. Make sure that you are both able to take time together to plan what rooms should be unpacked first, and where you’re going to place your items. This can be flexible, as furniture may need to be arranged as you get acquainted with your new space. However, it’s important to plan what rooms you will unpack first, and where you will put your belongings before you start opening boxes.

-       Tackle one room at a time

An empty house full of boxes can be overwhelming – but remember that they don’t need to be unpacked all at once! Pick one room, and stick to it. Your most used rooms should be the ones unpacked first, like the kitchen and bedroom. Remember that moving and unpacking is a process and will take time – don’t feel like you must have everything done at once! Unpack your items the right way from the start. Moving from one room to another can leave you feeling stressed, and leave your house in a half-moved state. Focusing on one room will allow you and your partner to properly unpack, organize, and arrange the items you have in each room.

-       Don’t unpack all boxes at once

Just like the rooms in your house, don’t unpack all the boxes in each room all at once! Open one box at a time and determine what you have packed, and where it can go in your new space. If your other items are still packed away and not cluttered on the floor, you will be able to visualize your space better and determine where everything should be placed. Placing furniture, appliances, electronics, and other larger items is easier if you don’t have small clutter in the way. Focus your attention on one box at a time to make sure that everything is put in its place. Moving is a process that should be handled one step at a time, so don’t make it more overwhelming than it needs to be!

-       Leave nothing packed!

Moving doesn’t happen overnight, but that doesn’t mean it should last forever. Often, people can get tired out from moving and end up leaving boxes still packed in the basement or other storage area, and eventually, they are forgotten. Avoid letting this happen to you and make sure that every box is unpacked within the first two weeks of you moving. By following a moving plan as mentioned above, you can make sure that time is set aside for every room and every box in your house. This should help keep you on track. Moving is like organizing – once something is used or brought into your home, it should be immediately put into its “home” or designated space as soon as it is not in use. Once a box is brought into a room, the items inside should be unpacked and put where they are supposed to go. No one wants to live with their belongings still packed away, so plan your move and stick to it!

-       Ask for help if you need it

Life is always busy and stressful, and sometimes, unpacking all their belongings is too big of a task for people to handle on their own. If you both can’t get enough time off work, or are physically unable to complete your move, always know that we can be there to help! At Calm Order, we offer our clients an “Unpacked to Organize” service that takes care of everything – whether you need one space, a single room, or an entire house unpacked. We focus on the big picture details and pay attention to the finer ones to make sure your house is set up the way you want it, with clothes stored in your new closet, beds made and ready to be slept in, and food waiting in your pantry. Moving can be time consuming and stressful, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!