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Concierge Service - The Right Attitude is the Difference

Personal Concierge Services and the Right Attitude

How to Survive the Time Crunch. 5 Ways to Get You Started.

Life today is accelerating at a rapid pace. We often ask how do we manage to get all the things done we need to do in a day? Where do we find the time?

Photo Credit: azcrusherreview

Photo Credit: azcrusherreview

Today more than ever there are more opportunities and choices. In the chaos of the fast pace and unlimited possibilities the organized individual and business will survive where the cluttered, overwhelmed will begin to diminish.

There is so much that goes hand in hand with your physical space and your emotional well-being. Creating calm out of chaos and finding the time to create it can be extremely challenging.

Here is a list of 5 things to help you get started.

1.    Follow blogs and read articles that offer great Organizing advice and tips.
2.    Make a list - Start by defining headings such as 1. Environment (living room, bedroom) 2. Feelings (cluttered, chaotic, clear, peaceful) 3. Likes and dislikes. Fill in each room or environment followed by the feeling and like and dislikes associated with that space.
3.    Pay attention to your own space. Make a list of what works and what does not work for you.
4.    Watch and learn from your friends. What do you love about their space? How does it feel?
5.    Be Present - Stop and Pay attention to the feelings you get in different environments. You need to be present to be able to feel what you like. Add these things to your list.
6.    One of the best things to do is to ask for help.  Ask a friend who is great at creating  soul loving spaces. They will often have tips and tricks to share with you over a great cup of coffee. Maybe you did not even know it, but your best friend hires a concierge or shopping service to help them stay ahead of the busy life demands. This allows them to enhance their lifestyle to find the time to meet with you.

With today’s busy lifestyles you can no longer afford to be disorganized. Sometimes a lifestyle helper that can get you on track. Professional Organizing and Concierge services are a survival tool to help you obtain peace of mind and a soul loving space.