5 Ways to Keep Your Days Organized

Batch of pencils

There is a plethora of different organizational systems available to people looking to keep their day-to-day projects, appointments, and to-do lists organized. It takes longer to decide which one to use than to actually get the surmounting list of upcoming tasks completed!

To save you precious time, we’ve compiled a list of five recommended methods to help you stay organized 24/7.

1.     Asana

For the tech-savvy and paper-less enthusiasts this program is the perfect way to stay on track of any upcoming tasks. This program is also great for people on the go, and can be accessed online and on a mobile app.

Enter in upcoming appointments, meetings, or other events, and organize them into lists, assign deadlines, and establish priorities. You can also set up the program to send emails to remind you and others of upcoming events.

What’s also great about the app is that it can be used for businesses to assign tasks to different members. Sounds cool, huh? You can find out more here: www.asana.com

2.     Passion Planners

For those who prefer the more traditional pen and paper, passion planners are an organizers dream.

This planner/journal/sketch book has it all, from weekly appointment slots to prioritized to-do lists for both personal and work related tasks.

There is also a section set aside to help focus on goals for a day-to-day, weekly, monthly, and annually basis, and a blank space for people to takes notes or doodle on as they please.

And that’s not even the best part: it’s free! Learn more about this all-in-one planner here: www.passionplanner.com .

3.     EasilyDo App

There isn’t a lot this app can’t do. It’s your own virtual personal assistant, that helps keep you on task with your to-do list, notifies you of upcoming appointments, and calendar events.

Not only that, the app also keeps you up to date with directions and traffic updates for your commute, hotel reservations, car rentals, weather reports, flights, boarding passes, and bill payments and much, much more.

It doesn’t cost a penny to hire this assistant, and will be sure to keep you on task and on top of anything coming your way in the new year.
Visit www.easilydo.com to learn about all of the features this app has.

4.     Franklin Planners

Franklin planners are your typical weekly or monthly paperback planners made here in Canada. What’s great about them is they come in a variety of different sizes, colours, and styles and ship across the country.

These planners are perfect for people who prefer to pencil in their appointments and want a planner that is easily portable and simple to use.

Browse the selection of planners and check out what the company has to offer at www.franklinplanners.com.

5.     White board calendars

White board calendars are perfect for visual people, who like to see everything they have to do laid out in front of them. A plain white board, or one that is already separated in days for each month can be purchased a long with coloured white-board markers to colour code appointments, events, birthdays, play dates, and more.

This option is great for families because everyone can easily contribute to the calendar and be appraised of what is going on day-to-day, and at the end of the month, everything can be erased and the board can be reused!

White boards and white board calendars of varying sizes and styles can be purchased at many major department and box stores.