What does a professional organizer do?


Professional organizers are certified professionals who are trained in a specific skill set. Similar to how people go to a hair stylist to get their hair done, or an accountant to file their taxes, a professional organizer will ensure that a home, business or vacation property is well-organized and functional. In addition to their training, professional organizers have access to industry resources and tools that may not always be found online or at a local department store. They also have experience with organizing a variety of different living and business spaces. Professional organizers know what can work with a certain lifestyle, or what items can be used to obtain maximum storage and order in a smaller space. From moving to a new home to organizing a bedroom closet, professional organizers have the potential to recreate and repurpose a home or business to best suit the needs of the people using it.

Organization goes beyond a one-time job – it is a continual process that ensures each item has a place that is functional and practical. Professional organizers go beyond providing a one-time organization – they ensure that a system is put in place, or your routine is updated to ensure an organized state is maintained for the long-term. These professionals will help their clients develop skills they can use to maintain the organization that has been put in place.

More often than not, organization projects take time and energy. Whether you are moving or trying to eliminate clutter in an office, many people lack organizational skills or don’t have the time to dedicate to what can be a large project. Professional organizers are experts in organization and often work in teams of multiple people who can dedicate themselves wholly to the task. As a result, a home or business can be reorganized in a shorter period of time without sacrificing on the end result.  

Each organization project is different, and professional organizers can customize their services to best fit the needs of their clients. Some people require a specialist to handle their entire organization project from beginning to end. Moving a business involves a lot of people, items and details that can be better managed when someone is with the project for the entire timeline and is able to oversee every detail. However, smaller projects like decluttering a storage room may only require some guidance. Whatever the situation, professional organizers can provide a variety of services. For example, Calm Order has an Ask the Organizer page where people can find guidance and resources for projects that they are capable of completing with minimal help.

Lastly, professional organizers can help people have a social impact. Getting organized involves a lot of decluttering and eliminating items that are no longer used or wanted. Professional organizers can then make sure that these items aren’t just thrown out but used for a better purpose. Often, they are connected with local charities, and can make sure that clients’ items go back into the community to help those in need.

Organization is not an easy task. Just like people go to other professionals for building their home or installing their appliances, professional organizers have the skills, training and experience needed to complete an organization project. Whatever a client’s situation may be, a professional organizer will make sure that order and efficiency are not only achieved but maintained.