Goodbye winter, hello spring!

We can still expect snow in Calgary for the next couple of months, but there is no denying the higher temperatures and the fast approaching spring season. However, the change of a season means re-organizing your wardrobe and swapping out heavier coats and shoes for lighter items.

In Calgary, it’s difficult to determine what pieces to put into storage and what items to bring out, especially because our spring weather is always changing. Many of us have clothing that we can wear year-round, so Calm Order suggests that a good remedy for this situation is to pair-down our clothing and consider looking at capsule wardrobes.

For anyone not familiar with it, a capsule wardrobe is made up of basic pieces of clothing that are easy to mix and match. This means you can make many different outfits of fewer pieces of clothing, which makes transitioning from season to season easier, so you don’t need to worry about having specific clothes for specific seasons.

According to the Vivienne Files, a capsule wardrobe is typically comprised of a black turtleneck, a t-shirt (in gray, white, or black), a button down shirt (white or blue), a black cardigan, a denim shirt, a long-sleeved black shirt, khakis, jeans, and black pants. 

These items sound very neutral and plain, but to add your own creative style or make them more seasonal, they can be accented with colourful accessories that can be tailored for each season, like shoes, scarves, jewelry, and bags.

A capsule wardrobe is not only easier to manage and organize, it also takes up less space in your closet, and is very economical. For people living in Calgary, having a year-round wardrobe that can be mixed and matched for whatever weather we may be facing is the perfect solution. To learn more about capsule wardrobes, go here.

Fall is here - and winter isn't too far behind!

Now that summer is definitely over, it’s time to start preparing your home for the fall and winter seasons. This means clearing out your closets, mudrooms, and bringing in the clothes, shoes, and accessories that you’ll need in the coming months.

To make room for your seasonal clothing – especially bulkier jackets – pull out any summer or spring clothing and take this time to go through your items. Donate anything that is old or too small. Also, think about how often you wear it or if you even wear it anymore. If you don’t like it, don’t keep it. Donating these items to someone who could use it is better than letting it take up storage in your closet or wardrobe.

Summer clothing is often light-weight and made out of in-expensive material that doesn’t last long. Don’t hold onto the items you know won’t hold up until the next summer.

Summer shoes can also be taken out and sorted through. Any flip flops that are falling apart, or flats that have seen better days should not be kept. Try on your other shoes to make sure they fit, and take this opportunity to repair any heels or pairs that need repair.  

Once you’ve decluttered your summer items, consider moving them to the back of your closet or another area that is out of the way because you won’t need to access these items on a daily basis. Clear storage bins can also be used to store summer clothes under the bed, or on top of a closet shelf.

Alternatively, a rolling rack can be installed in a basement or spare bedroom closet to hold your summer and spring clothing, and clear plastic bins can hold shoes. If you don’t have clear bins, make sure you properly label what items are in each container and who they belong to. Make sure they are stored properly – avoid having to re-iron creases in blouses and work shirts if you choose to store them in a drawer or container.

Once this is done, you can pull out your warmer jackets and sweaters, and store them in the front area of your closet, or the easiest accessible drawers and cupboards in your wardrobe. Pull out boots, hats, toques, gloves, and scarves. However, because Calgary’s weather is constantly changing and we can get mild weather even in the winter, consider keeping a few lighter pieces out, like a thinner jacket or t-shirt just in case. Also, if you’re planning on taking a winter vacation to a warmer location, it might be easier to store a few items from your summer wardrobe in an accessible location.

When you’re going through and changing out your seasonal clothing, the most important thing to keep in mind is organization and efficiency. By placing your everyday items in a location that is easy to access, you can stay organized in your daily routines. Swapping out clothing in your closet gives you more space for the items you actually need, and keeps the items neat and tidy and quick to take out.

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