It’s almost that time: Get ready for back to school!


August is already half over, so that means that it’s time to get ready for a new school year to begin! The hardest part about the end of the summer is getting back into a routine for the fall – going to bed on time, getting up early, pre-making lunches and snacks, and doing homework. Even though there are still a couple more weeks of summer left, there are a few tricks to ease your family into the fall routine:

Make small changes

Transitioning from summer vacation to school routine can be hard to accomplish if the change is abrupt. Instead, consider making small changes in your family routine during the month of August. For example, get your family in the habit of waking up at a typical school time. Whether by waking them up in person or using an alarm, getting used to early mornings instead of sleeping in will definitely help when September comes around. However, since it is still summer, plan on doing a fun activity in the morning so waking up early isn’t a chore. You can make a fun breakfast together, go outside for a walk, or make a craft.

Bring back regular activities

Summer is about fun, so typical household activities are sometimes forgotten. Slowly reintroduce them into your family’s daily life. These activities, like setting the table, cleaning up dishes, and other chores, will help bring back the feeling of a regular routine, and help everyone get back into the mindset of fall. These activities don’t have to be reintroduced all at once – don’t be afraid to start slow and work towards bringing them into your regular routine once the date gets closer to September.

Stress the importance of sleep

Sleep is important to getting back into a routine – irregular bedtimes can change an individual’s sleeping habits and make it difficult to change. Start by setting bed time closer and closer to the regular school date. This doesn’t have to be done right away – it’s still summer after all, and many people may still have vacation plans! However, be cognizant of bed times, and start announcing when the family should be in bed. You can also start bringing back typical elements of your nighttime routine: start reading stories before bed, planning out an outfit for the next day, and having a bath or shower like you would during the school year.

Eat the right food

Food is also an important part of any routine. During the summer, meals and snacks tend to be more casual than during the year. By bringing back typical breakfast food, cutting back on the sugary snacks, and eating meals at regular times, you can help your family adjust to the end of summer vacation. You can also get a head start on lunch preparations by getting your family to help make lunches for the next day just as they would during the school year.

Create excitement about school

Make school exciting! Get your family involved in back to school shopping, especially when you’re purchasing items that are interesting to them, like sports equipment, colouring utensils, and clothing. Children can also help organize school supplies and packing backpacks – while they may not be as inclined to participate, you can break up the organizing by only doing a small amount each day. This will help your children get into the mindset of school without completely overwhelming them or taking too much time away from their last couple weeks of summer.

School does not have to be daunting – the rest of the summer can still be enjoyed while your family slowly becomes accustomed to living with a routine again!