3 Simple Steps in Selecting a Great Organizing Book

Photo Credit: 30sleeps.com

Photo Credit: 30sleeps.com

In my recent visit to the book store I found lots and lots of organizing books. When I began to brows the books, I found some were so detailed and complex it made my head spin!

I thought to myself, If I love organizing and these books were too much what was a person to do who dislikes organizing or just doesn't have the time?

Here are a few tips in choosing a few great organizing books.

1. Keep it simple. If there are too many to do lists, schedules and instructions it is just too much!

2. Look for books with illustrations. The busy person doesn't have time to read the 200 page encyclopedia of tips.

3. Don't shy away from books written for People with ADD. Some of these organizing books can actually be the simplest as they teach simplicity, uncomplicated and easy. After all isn't that what we are looking for when we are trying to get organized?

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