Home organization trends for Spring 2017

Spring is in the air, and new trends for home organization are making their way through homes across the country. Spring symbolizes a chance for many people to renew and refresh their living spaces, so why not take this opportunity to re-organize the way you store the items in your home? Below we’ve compiled a few of the big trends that are projected for Spring 2017:

Custom closet cabinets

A popular new trend in closet storage is all about customizing your options to fit your clothing and lifestyle. Custom racks to store ties and shelves for shoes that fit in the space you have are increasing in popularity. With customization, you can make sure that all of your belongings have a proper home and stored easily. Proper storage and display can help prevent the collection of clutter, because when your items are displayed nicely and in easy access, you can use the items you have and need more often.

Open storage

Rather than hiding away all your items, why not show them off? This concept is especially popular for kitchen cabinets and shelves, allowing you to showcase dishes and appliances. Open storage is also handy for bedroom closets or storage units and garage storage, as it is easy to grab and pick up items as you need them. Even better, knowing that your items are always on display is a great incentive to keep your belongings organized and uncluttered!

Maximizing space

Utilizing the space that you have is always a priority, and it can now be achieved not just through the furniture you buy, but how you designate and layout the rooms in your home. Multipurpose rooms are a new trend this spring, which allow you to get many different purposes out of the rooms in your home. For example, the guest bedroom can also be a library, and office, or a second entertainment room. Instead of specifically designating a space for guests that only visit a few times out of the year, make the room usable for your everyday life as well. These fold-up murphy beds are a great way to easily transform a guest room into an usable daily space, like an office.