Unpack to Organize after Summer Vacation

Unpacking from a summer vacation is very similar to unpacking after moving your home. It might not be on as large of a scale, but like moving, unpacking from a trip is often stressful and tiring. The last thing you want to do after being on the road or in the air for multiple hours is have to unpack.  

Do yourself a favour and get the hard work done before the trip home! The way you pack up your belongings has a huge impact on what you will have to do once you get in the door. If you get in later in the day or the evening, unpacking your belongings in an organized way is often far from your mind – but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got some suggestions to help you get organized before you even depart from your summer vacation. 


1. Get your laundry sorted out 

Don’t make yourself have to go through all of your clothes as soon as you get home. Instead, take a plastic bag with you before you leave on your trip, and throughout your vacation add your used clothing to the bag. This way, your dirty clothes will be separated from your clean clothes, and ready to be taken to the laundry room when you get back. 


2. Pack your essentials last 

They’re your essentials for a reason, so often they’ll be the items you pack last minute and need as soon as you get home. Instead of shoving them in any pocket or area of your suitcase that you can find, place all these items in pockets that are easily accessible, or at the top of your suitcase in the same area. When you open it up, everything you need to access right away will be in reach – no rummaging around necessary! 


3. Prioritize your items 

Items like shoes, sunscreen, books or magazines, and toys should be relegated to the bottom of your suitcase. If you don’t have time to unpack all of your bags when you get home, don’t worry about it. Give priority to your essential items, and then unpack based on how urgently you need to use your items. If you have multiple bags, it might work to categorize the items into different bags based on their level of necessity. However, make sure you know what bags have what items in them beforehand.  


4. Delegate  

Whether there is a group travelling or just yourself, don’t let anyone slack off when it comes to unpacking. Although some items don’t need to be unpacked right away, leaving suitcases half full of items for multiple days can just add unwanted clutter and disorganization. Make sure that you and other travelling companions know what needs to be unpacked and when. Lists, organizers, or even organizing and list apps (like Sortly) can help everyone stay on track of what essentials need to be unpacked and when.  

People go on vacations to relax - but there is no reason why this feeling has to go away when you unpack after vacation. Pack smart before you leave so you can easily unpack to an organized home![INSERT TWEET THIS LINK].