Time Saving Holiday Tips

With Christmas on FAST forward, we will soon be celebrating. Time is moving at a such a pace. It is hard to keep up with the daily things to do then adding the extra holiday parties, events and gatherings it leaves us with little time and even less time to really feel like we enjoyed the holidays.

To enjoy the holidays I believe we need to make it a season. Not just a day or two but an entire season of joy, and giving. Giving of time, giving of one self to friends and family. The thing that really matters. It isn't so much the shopping and gifting of store bought items, but giving of your time. After all, time is the most precious commodity we just dont get back!

For years I was always finished with my holiday shopping and wrapping before Dec 1. By the time christmas arrived all I needed to do was pick up the stocking stuffers and do some baking and cooking and I was done. What I have found is as I have aged, the buying has become less and less a priority in my life and to most everyone I know. 

We still buy for the kids but now, my family and I draw names. One gift, $50.00 limit. Its so easy and stress free. No one has a financial burden, the time it takes to shop and wrap is almost eliminated and I now have time to enjoy the season to the fullest without all the stress! 

I will be sharing with you some time saving holiday tips. Everything from time saving recipes to things to do enhance your holiday experience..  I hope you will enjoy!

Today's Holiday Tip

Christmas Trees at Ikea are $20.00 while supplies last! Be sure to check them out!