How ORGANIZATION can add to your life

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There is allot to say about being organized. Being organized definitely has its benefits.

I was thinking about how my life evolves all the time and how I am trying new things, reading about new ideas and reaching out to people. Opportunities that are presented to us all the time. The choice is up to us if we take them or not.

Can't teach an old dog new tricks is really not what it is cracked up to be. Learning new skills at any age is a great thing. Learning to be better organized can be a real blessing.

What disorganization costs you: 

  1. Lost time - you cant find what your looking for cause you can't remember where you put it. 
  2. Financial loss - This is a biggie! I could write a book on the ways that disorganization can cause financial loss. It can be everything from late bill payments accumulating unnecessary interest charges to excess purchasing of goods that you think you dont have, but in reality you have 5 of them! Those 5 happen to be all over and half of those 5 are expired.. Because you could not find them or simply could not remember that you had purchased them before!
  3.  Mental Stress - It's like having an upset apple cart. Disorganization can increase your anxiety and stress levels. Life is hectic enough, why would we choose to add to our life stresses? And yes, we all have choices, it is creating our priorities and making a choice to either follow through with them or let them slide.
  4. Peace of Mind - When you have peace of mind, you can get up feeling better  knowing you can look at yourself in the mirror every day and say "I feel good! Im doing everything I can and its working." There is no need to feel burdened and overwhelmed. 
  5. Your always running late! can't find your keys, where did you put your purse? I need my papers for that meeting?? AGH! 
  6. Clutter is like dragging a heavy weight around with you all day! 

So looking at a few of the cost involved with disorganization lets look at some of the reasons on how being organized adds to your life.

How being organized adds to your life!

The Sweet Rewards! 

  1. Makes you feel more relaxed
  2. Makes you feel less overwhelmed
  3. Makes you feel proud of your home
  4. You will have more time for friends and family
  5. You will save money for that dream vacation or other goals
  6. You will feel more balanced in your life
  7. You will be able to lead a healthier life, having more time to plan to create and  healthy meals for your famly  
  8. You will feel lighter and freer
  9. You will feel you have a bigger sense of being in control of your life
  10. Less house work - if you have a place for everything and you keep on top of it, and YES no amount of organizing or systems will work unless you keep up with it! The good news, upkeep is easy. It is when things are out of control it is hard to get things back in check.. 

Enjoy every minute, we dont get time back, Keep on top of things that need to be done, surround yourself with people you love and respect, KNOW your priorities and create the best life you can!

You can do it! really you can!