Time Saving Holiday Tip - Christmas Cookie Exchange

Here we are getting ready to begin the seasonal baking.. Hmm, thinking to myself,  variety is great but think of all the time it takes to bake your favorite goodies!

Time has really been the focus this season and time goes so fast. I was thinking about ways we can all save some time. It occurred to me to have a cookie exchange.

I never really liked the thought of a cookie exchange until now. The cookie exchanges were something like the community bake sale. You really never knew what you were going to get!

I found that I would bake to perfection the perfect looking and decorated cookie and the exchange would be of not so pretty looking cookies. So being somewhat of a perfectionist I was turned off by the entire cookie exchange process.

This year, I'm calling up 3 of my favorite best FF and I'm going to see if they want to do a fabulous cookie exchange. Why only 3?

  1. Because we dont eat that many cookies around here!
  2. I really don't need that many cookies in my home
  3. I'm only really doing it to test the exchange process.. ok maybe to test a new cookie :)
  4. Best reason of all - It is a fabulous opportunity to have your best FF all together to celebrate the season!

Just dont forget the wine!

Photo Credit Annies-eats

Photo Credit Annies-eats