The Number One Productivity Principle and it's not The Office, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol

Hot discussion topics this week are all about your favourite TV shows.  The Office Wraps up after 9 shows of comic relief. American Idol ended their 12th season!

So what have we been doing all winter? Spring is a great time to ask ourselves what we really want to accomplish in our lives. Do we have a long "To Do" list that never seems to get done? Do you come home and plop in front of the television to watch these favourite shows?

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Now is the perfect time for some spring organizing inpsiration. Things are growing, and changing. Grass is getting green and gardens are being planted. I alway feel that spring is a time for starting things new. New years and the goals and resolutions never seem to stick when made at new years. I think it is the winter blues and the cold we have living in Canada.

With spring there is growth. There really is no better time to get things in order. One of the best energizers is the sun. All that good vitamin D that we get from the sun does wonders for ourselves!

Buy less, enjoy the outdoors, eliminate your excess. Plan your activities to make the most of your day. With the long summer hours make use of it all. The number one productivity principle I have is review your list the night before, Make a plan and plan ahead. 

Your summer will be enjoyed to the fullest if your not spending it inside watching TV, Sitting around, but getting out and living life.. Create that plan! You really can do it!