Laundry Made Simple

Laundry is a much dreaded, never-ending cylcle that can easily be pushed aside or moved down on a list of priorities until it becomes too much of a hassle for people to deal with.

A client of Calm Order shared this same dislike of laundry, and continued to put it off by filling basket after basket full of clothes until her laundry room was overflowing with unwashed clothes.

The client would rather purchase new clothes rather than tackle the daunting task of sorting and washing her old ones.

Bad organizing habits like this one become such a regular part of daily life that it can be hard to stop and find a better solution.

There are two kinds of people: “dumpers,” and “putter-awayers.” Dumpers tend to place objects wherever there is room, leave it, and forget about it. Many disorganized  people are this way, and don’t make the effort to actually put everything away when they are done using an object, like “putter-awayers” are inclined to do.

Anyone can change their organizing habits by following systems that work with their lifestyle and needs.

Calm Order was able to develop a laundry system for their client that sorted the clothing into three different baskets: whites, darks, and colours. Each basket was colour-coded to the clothing that was inside.

The problem identified was that the client needed to eliminate the sorting stage, as that was the most time-consuming and monotonous part. By sorting the clothing into the baskets before the even reached the laundry room, the client was able to grab the baskets, wash the clothes, and be done with it.

“She called after to thank us because she was on top of her laundry now and it changed her life,” said Karen Allbright, the owner of Calm Order.

Finding a system that works for you and sticking to it can make any seemingly impossible task simple.