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Emergency Preparedness – Getting Organized

In light of the devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray, it’s important to make sure that you and your family are prepared in the event of an emergency. It can be hard to get organized and come up with a plan in the moment, so it’s a good idea to be prepared and organized beforehand.

The Alberta Government has a fantastic document from the Emergency Management Preparedness Agency. It is a great resource for families, and will help you plan what to do in event of an emergency. Included are suggestions on establishing meeting places, creating emergency kits, and more. It is a great place to start when getting organized and prepared for an emergency situation.

First, determining what emergencies you should be prepared for is important. This will help determine the next steps, like establishing a meeting place and creating a plan of action in the event of an emergency. This plan should be made into a hard copy and stored with the emergency kit. Emergency kits with all the necessary items needed for each person in the family should be created. These kits, along with a hardcopy of the emergency plan, should be stored in a place that all members are aware of and can access easily.

The Alberta Emergency Management Agency encourages residents to prepare a 72 Hour Emergency kit that includes items such as food and water, bedding and clothing, light and fuel, personal supplies and medication, personal documents and money (stored in waterproof containers), and other necessary equipment like a radio (with extra batteries), rope, and basic tools. Small toys and games are also good items to include in an emergency kit to provide entertainment. For a more detailed list of recommended items, go here. It is also important to update the items in your emergency kit every few months.

The Alberta Emergency Alert App provides current information on any potential natural disasters or emergencies from communities in Alberta, and is a great resource for residents.

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