Resolutions 2017 – How to eat healthier

Living healthier involves incorporating healthier foods into your diet, which can be difficult for people who may live busy lives or may not have the experience of cooking with fresh produce. To achieve this resolution, planning is key, and the most effective way to do this is by making healthy eating a seamless part of your everyday life.

Start your planning each week or whenever you go grocery shopping, and determine what you’re going to eat for that period. Make a list of what fresh produce and other items you’ll need by looking up recipes and creating a week-long meal plan. Purchase the ingredients that you need, and prep them for meals beforehand. Wash and chop up vegetables and store them in containers where they are ready to go. Make soup and freeze it in individual containers. If you have leftovers, freeze them in freezer-safe containers, or save them in your refrigerator for lunch or a leftover dinner night.

Eating healthy can become difficult when you’re eating out, whether it’s at a restaurant or a friend/relative’s home. When you’re eating out, avoid fast food restaurants, and consider healthier on the go alternatives, like a pre-made salad. At restaurants, look for healthier meat options or even salads, and instead of dessert, get a tea or fruit option instead and limit the amount of alcohol you drink. It can be hard to stay motivated when you are eating out, so try looking up the menu online ahead of time and picking a restaurant that has healthy food options you would want to eat.

This resolution also involves the cooperation of your friends and family, especially the people who you may be living with. It will be easier for you to stay on task if you notify them of your goal, to avoid them from potentially compromising your healthy diet plans.

Eating a healthier diet involves a lot of planning and preparation to make incorporating these foods into your diet easy and achievable. Consider taking a cooking class with friends to learn how to make different dishes, or search through websites online to find meal options that are appealing to you and easy to manage. Freezing homemade meals or saving leftovers is also a great alternative for ordering out or eating take-out food. With luck, this year-long resolution to eat healthier may be something you continue to do long after.