Unpack to Organize - The Bathroom

The bathroom may be a small room, but there are a lot of items that are used and stored in that room. It makes unpacking and organizing a difficult task, but these tips and suggestions just might help make organizing more manageable.

Before unpacking and organizing, it’s important to go over EVERYTHING. Toss out any expired products, like medication, any anything else that is old or broken, like stretched-out hair elastics. Give away any unused items like lotions, perfumes, soaps, and makeup. Keep in mind that it isn’t always necessary to keep extras of everything you own. Often, these items just sit and take up space and don’t get used, or get lost and forgotten. Only keep extras if it’s an item that you go through regularly, or something that you aren’t able to purchase at the store right away.

Once your items have been narrowed down to what you need, group like items with like. For example, store all the makeup together, hair accessories and tools, and tooth care items in the same place. Items that you use everyday should be stored on the counter if possible, or in an easily accessible cabinet or drawer near the sink. Extras or not as frequently used items should be regulated to lower drawers or upper cabinets.

When it comes to actually storing objects, draw inserts work great to keep smaller objects neat and organized. Shelving and drawer units can be added into cabinets or vanities under the sink to maximize storage space. For storage units, think tall and narrow. The square footage in bathrooms is sparse, so stick to units that take up less floor space, and more wall to ceiling space.

While some people may want to add in décor pieces in their bathroom, try to keep them to a minimum. They take up space, and just get dirty and collect dust. If it is at all possible, try and take products out of bulky packaging. Space in bathrooms is limited, so don’t keep anything in there that you don’t have to!

Interested in learning more about organizing products you can use in your bathroom? Catch our next blog post later in the month where we highlight 5 essential organizing products to use in your bathroom.