Sentimental Attachment - After the Calgary Flood

It has been the most interesting month for so many Calgarians. We had a flood that partially paralyzed the city, a spectacular 2013 Calgary Stampede show and a crazy wild summer weather wise.

Durring the flood we were out there helping people. We saw so much! Some people were throwing everything away, demolishing, chucking, tossing EVERYTHING.. Others I know went through every piece of paper and sorted old love letters and sentimental belongings for the purpose of restoring and remembering. 

What I learned is that everyone I helped was so grateful for the volunteers that came out to help in anyway they could. It was a great feeling to go home at the end of the day knowing you helped someone .. anyone who really needed your help!

As a professional organizer we tend to see people who go through this process more than the average person. We are dealing with people who are letting go of things they are not using any more. Things that are held on to due to their tremendous amount of meaning. These "things" have come to represent another time in their life, a special memory, a person, or part of themselves. 

When we project an identity to our possessions, we can often end up living with a huge amount of stuff, clutter and things that we never use and even forget we have.

One of my clients is moving out of the country and she is purging everything. Never in my life have I come across someone with the greatest determination, desire and willingness to change her life. She has almost zero attachment to stuff, yet she does like stuff.

Her attachment is to the family she loves, the people who have passed, the memories of the love shared. I can learn so much from my special client. She teaches me every time I work with her life lesson that I treasure.

Keep focusing on the really good things in life. The people, the experiences and all the good. Stuff will always be there. There will be new stuff, more stuff and different stuff.

Wishing my special client the very best in her new adventure! I admire you so much! You know who you are!! It has and is my pleasure! This lady Rocks it!


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