Are you disliking your space? Time to make a Change

Photo Credit: avera story center

Photo Credit: avera story center

I've been writing a fair bit about space, organization and attachment to stuff. 

A huge reason to why you find you are living in clutter and disorganization

is maybe you simply don't like the space in which you are hanging your hat so to speak. If your home isn't a place you love it may be time to really look at the reason why

In this kind of surrounding the room, home or office could be too loud, too quite or simply you dislike the paint colour as it reminds you of the fun  you had at the dentists office!

With a genuine dislike for your space, it becomes the catch all. Things begin to pile up on surfaces or shoved into boxes, drawers and cuboards. Disorganization and clutter sets in!

A few things to consider, if you really can't stand the space it may be time to move. Moving may mean to another space, another home or another office. If that isnt an option it may be time to call in a decorator, painter and give the place a new fresh look!

If you feel good about where you live and the space in which you are in you will find yourself more creative, more relaxed and more productive. You may actually find you love the space enough to keep it organized and keeping your space organized may just become something you actually like to!

Honour your accomplishments, make progress and praise yourself for all the hard work you have done!