Ready for Change

Changing one room can have a huge impact not only on the rest of your space, but in your life as well.

Change ahead.jpg

Last fall, Calm Order assisted a busy family that didn’t know where to start on their home reorganization. The company worked on one room before Christmas, and completely transformed the client’s living space. After Christmas, Calm Order returned and reworked the master bedroom.

The client had nothing but positive remarks about the job. Not only her but also her husband and children were already feeling the effects of having a more organized home.

“I have even caught the kids going [into the newly-organized room] and shutting the door so I won’t find them playing iPad in a nice clean room.

“[Her husband] is really enjoying it too. I think he may even be a little less grumpy.”

A friend even noticed a change and said, “it’s funny, [the] whole house is starting to look better than I have ever seen it! You are a miracle worker! I think [the client] just feels more positive and is more motivated to keep it organized.”

Calm Order worked one room at a time and set guidelines for the clients moving forward onto the other rooms in the home. In time, the whole house will be organized and will hopefully stay that way. If the client is really ready for change the lasting success rate soars.

People often assume that organizing a home has to be done all at once. Depending on the lifestyle and needs of the home and the family, different methods should be undertaken to produce the best and most lasing results, like in the case of this client and her family. Focusing time and energy on one room at a time worked the best for them, but it might not be the best approach for someone else.

Tired of living in chaos? Open and ready for change? A person must be ready for order [TWEET THAT!]