An Organizing Mission!

I have been on a personal organizing mission! Although I'm not a collector of things.. my clutter collects like everyone else. Those drawers of unused lotions gather from birthday gifts and Christmas Stockings. 

As a professional organizer it is not so much about knowing what to do or how to get organized it is usually about finding the time.

There has been much hype about Marie Kondos best selling organizing book that talks about doing it all! Although I enjoyed her book doing it all at once isn't always realistic or possible.

I started doing a purge of every closet, drawer and cabinet in my home early this summer. I would take one drawer or one closet at a time.. working my way through my entire home.

Although I don't have tones to purge, it was time again to do the professional organizing purge. Inspiring me is the new paint and change of colors in my home. Everything dark was going, everything that stirred joy ,beaches and bright was staying.

It has been a fun summer adventure and still more to go!  Come on! Join me.. lets get Organizing!