Psychological Obsticles to Getting Organized

Photo Credit : Omnipresent Soul

Photo Credit : Omnipresent Soul

"Oh, I cant get rid of that. It belonged to my grandmother, my dad, my mom."

It sounds so familiar to so many of us. How do we separate the attachment to the possession and things with the emotion that comes along with it that allows us to part with certain things?

Sometimes objects can represent a tremendous amount of meaning, history and bring up emotions associated with the possession, the time and place and the event  in which the item was gained.

At some point we find ourselves in clutter, disarray and disorganization. Objects can come to define us and we become surrounded in things we will never use or have a use for.

It is important to remember that our identity comes from within and not the outside. The inside does not go away. Letting go allows you to keep the memories without holding on to every physical object. Sometimes we may need to take an interim step. Boxing the stuff up and moving out to the garage.

We just need to me mindful that we dont want to be moving one problem area to creating another. Sooner or later it is time to let go of the stuff.. after all.. It really is just stuff!

Best advice I heard was from Cheryl Richardson .. Only allow into your home what you absolutely love!

Believe it! Dream It! Organize it!