An Organized home is also a safe home

When was the last time you checked for a fire extinguisher let alone the expiry date of it? Did you even know they have an expiry date? You have no organized system in place to check home safety equipment or frequency of it. The extinguisher is hidden in the closet under a pile of clutter. It is not marked and no one knows where it is located.

The plan is to clean out the clutter, organize, Identify and arrange.  Create a process for you to regularly inspect your home – ie check lists, fire extinguishers expiry dates, first aid kit availability and functionality, smoke detectors, CO detectors. Take action to replace, recharge or refill outdated extinguishers.

The 5S Program focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization. The principles underlying a 5S program appear to be simple, obvious common sense.