What to do with your clutter


The previous blog post discussed the different places and platforms you can use to sell or donate your clutter - but how do you determine which place to go to or which method to use? There are many different factors to consider when deciding what to do with your clutter. How much time do you have, and how much of it are you willing to commit? 

Selling items on your own takes a lot of time. A garage sale requires a lot of planning and preparation beforehand, including setting up posters and signs around your neighbourhood, pricing out items, adding tags to each item, setting them up in your garage and on your lawn, and then spending a day or two selling the items. In a city like Calgary with ever-changing weather, these plans can fall apart under the threat of rain or snow.

Online platforms also require a lot more time despite the apparent ease. You'll also have to post or list each item and assign them a price, and then arrange for pick-up times with your potential buyers. Sometimes, items may take longer than expected to sell, and in that time, your clutter is still sitting in your home.

For a small number of items that you are confident will move quickly, selling them may be a good option. In some cases, items that are in good shape can also turn a decent profit. However, people who may not have a lot of time on their hands may want to reconsider this option.

Another concern is safety, which can be for the physical handling of objects and selling items through online platforms. Larger items like furniture can be hard to move and sell or drop-off at a donation drop-off location. Whether you are not physically able to move it, or you don’t have the car capacity to move it, other removal options may have to be explored. In these cases, it may be better to pay for a removal service or charity to pick-up the items from your home, even if it isn’t economically beneficial.

Online, there can be a risk to selling items to people you haven’t met before. Some people may not be comfortable with sharing their confidential information, like their address or contact information to arrange for pick-ups and payments, so trying to sell their items this way would not be a good option. There is also a potential for sales to not go through and buyers to drop out at the last minute. If you are planning on selling your items online, read through this post for suggestions on how to sell smart.

Whatever method you chose, the goal is to get rid of the clutter that is taking up space in your home. Choose an option that best works with your schedule and your needs. Sometimes, different methods might work better for different items. Just make sure that when you’re clearing out your clutter, you aren’t wasting too much of your time or your space!