Spring Clean Your Closet

Time for a reality Check on my Closet

Do you have a closet full of clothes and seem to wear the same things?  Is it because we are waiting to get to that perfect weight? If that is the reason, it is ok to hang on to stuff for a short term IF and only IF you are taking positive daily action consistently to reach your weight loss goal. If your just living in someday mode, well then…. someday may just never come.  It is then you really need a reality check. If you haven’t fit into those clothes in 4 years then most likely you wont. I’m not saying you never will get to your ideal size, but entertain the thought that by the time you do, the clothes will probably be out of style and tired. When you lose weight you will most likely want to go out, get that new wardrobe and show everyone you did it!

I had a friend come and help me with my closets one day. I was having a hard time letting go of the clothes. Some I still liked but in honesty had not worn in ages. Why was I hanging on to them?

My friend helped me to eliminate the out of style things I needed to get rid of. I challenged her on a few things as I thought they were still ok. I relented and in the donation bag they went.

I did not take that donation bag of clothes out of my bedroom for a week! I needed to think about it in case I wanted to go back in the bag to retrieve anything. What I found was after a week I did not even remember what was in the bag. That was a sure sign that it was time for it to go. It has been 6 months since then and to this day I still have not idea what was in that donation bag!

Do you hold onto stuff because of entitlement?

Are you feeling that “I paid good money for that” You think you should keep it and why get rid of it. You really don’t like it anymore? It has no use?  This is a good one to challenge your beliefs. Change your beliefs and change your life!

Think about your logic of why you want to hang on to something you don’t love. Sure you paid good money for something but if it serves no purpose why keep it? Find the pleasure in giving it to someone who really needs it or loves it! You will be glad you did.