Phase 4: Use the right organizing products!


No organizing project is complete without a little help of some useful tools to make sure the job is done right. While many so-called organizing tools can add to your clutter instead of helping eliminate it, there are a few simple but effective products we like to use for our clients to ensure their calm and ordered space lasts. Below are a couple of our favourites!


Clear plastic bins

This product may seem very straightforward, but clear plastic bins can be an effective tool for a variety of organizing projects, from coordinating moves to storing items that are not used as often. When you’re moving, clear plastic bins can help you determine what items you have packed in each box – this way, you don’t have to dig through each bin to figure out what boxes go in what rooms. This can also make finding your essential items (everything you need for the first night in your new home) a lot easier. 

For storage, clear plastic bins work in the same way. They allow you to see what you have in storage and where without having to tear apart your entire storage room or closet. Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing, camping gear, and other less-used items can easily be found without having to make detailed labels or plans of where they are kept. Knowing there your items are stored can help you keep your clutter down and prevent you from buying duplicates. Instead of not finding an item you need and going out to buy a new one, you will always know what you have stored and where.  


Drawer and cupboard organizers

As we talked about in our last post, drawer and cupboard organizers can be used to make odd shaped cupboards and long drawers into useable space. Different size organizers can be purchased for any kind of space you may have in your kitchen or bathroom. However, when you are picking out an organizer, be sure to keep in mind the items that you have in your kitchen. Some organizers have different sized slots for specific utensils or objects, but if you don’t have them, those slots can be unusable. It is best to buy multi-use drawer organizers that aren’t specific to one gadget to another. This way, you can store any item you may have now or in the future.

Cupboard organizers work the same way  but may need to be purchased to fit with the specific shape and size of your cupboard. For deep cupboards, a pull out shelving unit can work to have easy access to the supplies you need while also keeping items stacked neatly in the cupboard. When you can easily see what you have stored in your kitchen, you are less likely to lose items or add more clutter to your kitchen. Organizers can help make spices, pots, pans, and pantry items easy to grab when you need them. They can also prevent your pots, pans and lids from getting scratched when you’re pulling them in and out of the cupboard.


Non-slip huggable hangers

 When hanging clothes in your closet, these hangers work well to maximize your storage space and make sure your clothes stay on their hangers. The thin, non-slip huggable hangers usually come with a velvet finish, which prevents slippery fabrics from slipping off the hanger and falling on the floor. The slim design means you can fit more clothing in your closet, so your items are easier to see and take out. Folded clothing can become cluttered and messy, especially if they aren’t folded properly or the clothing is packed too tightly in a cupboard or drawer. By using these hangers, you can organize your clothing so it is easy to put together outfits each morning.

Natural wood hangers with rounded bases work best for heavier items like jackets, blazers and garment bags. The rounded bases help to prevent the shoulders from getting pointed marks. For hall closets it is a good practice to stock them with these heavier-duty style hangers so you can properly store coats and jackets for your family and any guests throughout the year.


Wall panels

Calm Order has used wall panels in a number of projects for garage, shed and basement storage because they are versatile and easy to use. Wall panels allow people to add hooks, baskets, racks, and any kind of storage container or solution they want to store a wide range of items. From hardware items like tools and screws to skis and other sporting equipment, wall panels can be customized to each individual’s storage needs, in any area of your home.

Wall panels are easy to install and durable, so they can hold heavier tools and items like ladders, kayaks, and bikes. Their versatility is also a bonus because you can easily adapt your storage to work with items you may purchase or accumulate in the future. In the same way as the other organizing products we’ve highlighted, the wall panels also increase the visibility and access of your items. They will be easy to grab and easy to find to prevent people from searching for items or buying more than they need.