Martha Stewart, Eat Your Heart Out

Just in case your not up to the urban dictionary, "eat your heart out"

A declaration, often exaggerated, joking and boastful, of being better than another person, the aforementioned often being a celebrity or historical figure.

"Mozart, eat your heart out!" said the organ player after a successful concert.

I worked on an office organizing project for a very cool space. We transformed 2 book shelves into an entire mail, pack and stationary area.  We swapped out a book shelf for one that had side compartments, purchased some extra shelving and we were off to the races.




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Here is what my client had to say:

"In addition to her fabulous organizational skills, Karen shows up on-time, with all of her tools, ready to work.  She is a true professional and provides unbelievable value for her services.   When Karen is finished the job, you will be happy with the results and feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  At least that is how I have felt after she organized my basement, my garage and now my office.  Thanks, Karen!"

These are the kind of days where you are overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you Sandy for allowing the opportunity to create such a great working space for you and your office.