Great Organizing! How it Becomes A Way of Life

I recently worked helped a friend who I just love! It was so easy for her to purge, get rid of and eliminate stuff. I often have sat back and wondered if it was so easy to do why had she not done it along the way?

A busy life! She is so busy she has not made time for her own personal space. I sometimes see the exact things happening in my own life. It gets crazy busy and everything piles up. Some days I come home so exhausted I don’t even want to look at the clutter on the counter or the laundry pile and just fall into bed.

So how do we manage it all we often ask ourselves? It really isn’t just about living in organizing or clutter free spaces. Often our space is a reflection of where we are in our emotional or mental space.

To gain the clarity on our physical space clutter we need to look at he emotion driving us. Our soul needs to be nurtured and taken care of just like our homes, our cars and our relationships with family and friends.

I believe talking a few minutes out for ourselves everyday will reflect almost every aspect of our out side world.

Be sure to take a few minutes before bed or in the morning and reflect on your new day, a few minutes to tidy up a physical space in your home, but more importantly de-clutter your mind with some you time.

Remember each day to Live in Calm Order

Be Calm as the Water is Still

Be Calm as the Water is Still