Give the Gift of No Clutter!


It’s great to give and receive gifts from family and friends during the holidays, but more often than not these “gifts” become dust collectors and clutter around a home. When shopping for gifts this holiday (even at the last minute!) consider giving loved ones the gift of an experience that they can enjoy and use.

An experience could be signing up and paying for a cooking class, dance or sports lessons, a vacation, road trip (even if it’s just for a day), golf or skiing passes, amusement park or museum passes, like Heritage Park and the Calgary Zoo, or even a home organizer! Another option could be creating customized coupons for free babysitting, house cleaning, baking, cooking, dog walking, etc. Although these ideas may not be large in the tangible sense, the real-life act of doing these activities or having them done will be much more appreciated.

Other ideas could be for certificates that will help someone out in everyday life. For example, gas cards, AMA coverage, spa gift cards, dinner gift certificates, and transit passes. People may not like giving out just a piece of paper or gift card, but these little “extras” that people pay for everyday can add up, and it can be nice to have those expenses covered.

In the spirit of helping and giving back to others during the holidays, giving a donation or donating food or toys in someone’s name can be just as rewarding. For those who have everything, the knowledge that they can help someone is a gift in itself.

This year, don’t let your gifts become clutter. Instead, consider giving a gift that will be treasured long after the holiday season is over!