Changing your Mindset


Getting organized requires a change in mindset and being open to learning new ways of living and using your space. However, sometimes change can be challenging to achieve.

 Often when Calm Order works with new clients, we encourage them to start reading and listening to bloggers like Joshua Becker, the minimalist, before we even start working together on the project. This way, they can start to learn about different approaches and ideas on living a more simple and organized life. For example, Joshua Becker posts often about living with less and focusing on experiences in life instead of the “stuff” that we accumulate. 

According to Karen at Calm Order, reading and hearing about different mindsets and ways of living can get us thinking differently about our own lives. It prepares us to move forward.

“I believe that what we focus on is what we create, so when we focus on the type of life we want to lead, it helps us get rid of the stuff,” says Karen.

“We’re able to rethink what we really need, not the other random stuff in our lives.”

If you’re considering undertaking a major organizing project in your life, consider researching other views on living more organized. Whether it is Joshua Becker or another minimalist blogger, there are many different mindsets and points of view you can read about to help you change your own thinking. 

In order to maintain an organized life and organized space, change will be required to your current lifestyle and routine to ensure it stays calm and ordered. In your research, take note of what ideas and lifestyle changes appeal to you, and then use them as a guide to change your own mindset.

Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing – when it comes to organizing, it can be the key to ensuring you spend more time focused on the important things in life.

Get out and get living an inspired life.