Back to School Lunches Made Easy!

That day is coming! Fast! Tomorrow in fact for most Calgary schools! Are you ready to go? Is your pantry stocked full of on the go healthy snacks, after school snacks and ready made grab and go selections?   Ready made doesn't mean processed and store bought. Its healthy pre portioned ready to go snacks.

Photo Credit: childhood101

Photo Credit: childhood101

Your kids are your priority and feeding them healthy lunches is top on your list. But you have not time you say. We come into your home each week, will cut your veggies, pre portion them and set you up with a snack to go basket! Making lunches will never be so easy! 




Here is a check list of things to have on hand for grab and go lunches

  1. Brown Lunch bags or reusable lunch kit
  2. Snack bags
  3. Napkins
  4. Plastic spoons/forks
  5. Individual milks or juices
  6. Grapes
  7. Raisins - either make up into small snack bags or load up on the halloween raisin packages.
  8. Celery sticks
  9. Carrot Sticks
  10. Cucumber or red pepper sticks
  11. String cheese sticks
  12. Home made protein bars 
  13. Snack crackers
  14. Healthy granola bars
  15. Blueberries
  16. Apples and oranges - they travel well
  17. left overs from dinner get millage the next day
  18. Low fat yogurt  

Be sure to be kid friendly. Bento box lunches are fun and easy to make if your organized and have things ready. Fill it with a variety of healthy snack and lunch items. Key here is being organized.

For brown bagging teens, have your snacks ready and sectioned out for easy grab and go. Your morning lunch making will never be simpler.

Kid friendly tea sized sandwiches in bite size pieces are great for the smaller children. What they don't finish can be an afternoon after school snack. It is more appealing than a whole sandwich with a few bites taken out of it and wrapped up.  

Use whole wheat or whole grain rather than white bread. Choose wisely and be healthy. 

Be sure to include an ice pack in your child’s lunch box to prevent food-borne illnesses. Or just freeze your juice box to act like a ice pac. Try to balance a meal. Proteins, carbs, fruits and veggies. 


Now your ready.. get set go.. Schools in Calgary!