Getting Organized – When Organizing tips are not enough

There are some fabulous books out on the market about getting organized. They all have something fabulous to offer. I find that some are full of fabulous tips, ideas and tricks and some are so complicated that not even the most organized person would follow.

Have you ever thought that sometimes you can know all the tips and tricks and it isn’t enough? Often there is something deeper going on than simply getting organized.

One thing I have learned is that when people have lots of stuff to the point that it clutters and erodes calm living space the issue is deeper than just not knowing what to do with it.

One day in speaking with my financial planner the conversation came up about wealth and lack. He noted that his wealthiest clients had predominantly grown up with nothing. They were surrounded in lack as a child. They had no money growing up and often lived in poverty.

This can be also true for the need for stuff. You may keep allot of everything and the very thought of getting rid of anything gives you dread and anxiety. If you grew up with scarcity in your life it is not surprising the inherent need to accumulate and collect stuff. Allot of stuff!

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What is key in situations like this is you need to work with it and not fight it. Creating a sense of calm and order from the chaos and disorganization so you are not drowning in clutter.

Living in abundance of stuff can be ok if you have a system of order and accessibility. Organizing and consolidating is the first step. It can cause huge relief to a person knowing that all their stuff will not be reduced in quantity.

Once you have the things you have organized and consolidated, you will be able to see what is excessive and may be able to part with it bit by bit. It is a process and don’t expect it to resolve your clutter issues overnight. But it is certainly a step in the right Direction.