#YYCFLOOD Clean up! Mold after a flood! Clean up Guide

After spending the day in one of the hardest hit ares of the city, it was overwhelming to see the destruction. 

The strength, will and determination of the home owners, volunteers are amazing! This is exactly the Calgary Spirit that I see so clearly. 

The flood is devastating and the clean up is an seemingly endless task.  As the clean up continues the risks of mould and contamination become increasingly concerning.  Now more than ever take some time to share with your friends, families and anyone affected by the flood steps they need to take to protect themselves and their homes. Volunteer workers also need to take care and be aware of the risks involved.

Ive sourced out a resources on Mould and the clean up. I urge you to read up and share.

Flood Clean up Guide

City Of Calgary Flood Guide


Places I found supplies for clean up:

Princess Auto - South Location: Had Comercial fans in stock in the morning, however were out of them by early afternoon. They said more are on their way and shipments expected daily with flood supplies. 

They had a decent supply of dehumidifiers selling for $200.00 each.  They also have a good selection of industrial mops and N95 masks which are the ones experts recommend.  They did not have pails in for the mops.

Home depot had lots of pails and sprayers for cleaning solutions. I was looking for plastic storage bins and they had some but for some reason no lids.  They had ample supply of work gloves, power washers. The safety mask selection was bare and the shelves almost empty. 

Walmart on Macleod Trail S had rubber made storage bins and plenty of them!   I didn't look for masks or other supplies so I'm not sure on how they were for flood clean up inventory.

I purchased Microban, a disinfectant spray product used in hospitals from WestClean Equipment and Cleaning Supplies. I purchased the last of the Microban, however they have alternate products. They have a great selection of industrial mops, brooms and cleaning products.

For those in the clean up stay safe, ask a friend or relative to get shopping! Supplies are out there, However you may have to shop around for them.

If you would like please post your supply findings to help others find what you need. Post the date, Store ,Store location, Quantity and selection of items seen. Please keep posts current as Inventories change sometimes by the minute.

Calgary helping Calgary