Ralf Klein Passes Away

The People’s Premier: Ralph Klein 1942 - 2013

Born and raised a Calgarian I always remember the stories of Mr. Klein. My dad used to work at the City of Calgary many years ago before Mr. Kleins political career ever began. My dad used to talk about the days when he would be down at the old St. Lois Hotel having a beer after work and there would be Mr. Klein.

I would see Mr. Klein in the local grocery store picking up odd and ends for Mrs. Klein. He was just like one of us. He was the man of the people.  Ralf was an individual that almost every working person could relate to.

Hi Canada Klein Smile  Photo Credit CBC

Hi Canada Klein Smile

Photo Credit CBC

Growing up in Calgary I remember the every so friendly smile, the cheerful hello's and the memories that made Ralf Klein someone we could all relate to in one way or another.

It is with great sadness I learned of his passing today as I feel that Ralf, Calgary and growing up here all went hand in hand. What was Calgary without Ralf? There are many memories that will carry on. Wishing sympathy and well wishes to all family and friends of our past Premier Mr, Ralf Klein. God Bless!