Gilmore Junio – A True Olympian

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 Gilmore Junio, has become a household name in Canada tonight. The story of a true Olympian, A true soul living in the spirit of abundance, sharing and life goodness. 

This blog is not about organizing or concierge services but a look at the true spirit of giving, helping others and for the greater good. I chose to get into organizing so I could help people and make their life just a little bit better. 

When we do something selfless for others we are really doing good for our selves and everyone around us. Gilmore Junio gave his spot to friend and teammate in an unselfish unprecedented gift. The open heart, love and joy that Junio is sharing with his friend today is only a beginning. 

When you give unconditionally you blossom. It is an expression of our kindest self. Life becomes better with each turn. Opportunities of abundance present themselves in ways never imagined. It is not a loan needing to be repaid, but a string-less gift of the heart.

You make us proud to be Canadian Gilmore Junio. You never walked away but you walked up to the podium and stood tall on top of it in all our eyes!