Ever Wonder About How Spring Cleaning Came to Be?

The History of Spring Cleaning

Ever wonder where the term “spring cleaning” came from, or why people are encouraged to clean their homes and offices during the spring, and not any other time of the year?

There is no solid evidence as to what started the event of cleaning out a home in the spring. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first known use of the term was in 1857.

In the past, when homes were often closed off during the winter to keep warm, spring time meant the first opportunity to make a home feel fresh again. The first dry and warm day of the year was used to pull out all the furniture and items in a home and bring them outside, so that a thorough cleaning job could be done of the interior of the house and of the furniture and other items.

Another origin of the term could be from Jewish custom, the Passover, which is a time of house cleaning. The solemn holiday takes place two weeks after the Jewish New Year, and at this time, many people would clean their homes in anticipation of the New Year.

There may not be a concrete source of origin for the event, but regardless, spring seems to be the time that everyone is antsy to breathe new life into their homes after being cooped up during the winter.

Guest Blog Sabrina Scarpino