How Hiring a Downsizing Consultant Reduces Stress

When you have 20 years worth of stuff accumulated where do you start?

Hiring a downsizing Consultant oversees move related details such as arranging and organizing an auction, handling listings on Kijiji and Craig's List and donations to your favorite charities. They are helping hands to those who are in need of a little personal assistance.



Outsourcing takes on the tasks that allows you to avoid stress that comes along with downsizing or moving. Sometimes the move is our aging parents who need help and we are not in the same city or we are working at a job where taking time off is next to impossible.

Often it is baby boomers who have accumulated significantly more material goods and possessions than their Depression-era parents. Their homes are larger, their material goods are in abundance and now they are seeking ways to de-clutter and remove all the stuff!

Downsizing professionals duties are diverse and have tremendous skills for organizing and reducing clutter. They are often very creative in helping clients create ways to keep the memories with out keeping all the stuff.

The Globe and Mail cites a 2010 retirement study from the University Of Michigan that 60% of adults over 60 have more than what they need. Dr. Ekerdt quotes “There is an accumulation. People do not realize what is in their houses,”

In my experience as a Professional Organizer this statement has never rang so true. The cost of stuff takes its toll emotionally, mentally and financially.

According to Statistics Canada, as of July, more than 14 per cent of the population was over 65. By 2026, the agency estimates seniors will comprise one-fifth of the population.